Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: Week 2

It’s the first chance for all 12 contestants to dance together tonight, on Mambo and Quickstep Night!

First up are Steve & Ann, dancing the mambo. During rehearsal, Anna, who worries that she’s too hard on Steve, brings in her mother — Irina Trebunskaya — for help. Steve works up “a little bit of rhythm and a little bit of love,” calling it a “Macho Mambo Combo.” But the judges aren’t feeling the love. Len compares Steve’s dancing to his own cooking skills (can you say “spotted dick” on TV?!), and says Steve’s dance “just didn’t really work.” Bruno complains that Steve put all of his energy into facial expressions and forgot his body. Carrie Ann says, “It wasn’t your best, but you guys look cute.” They score a 16, bringing their overall score to a 34 out of 60.

Next up are Cristian & Cheryl, dancing a quickstep. In rehearsal, Cheryl brings in a military uniform to help Cristian concentrate on posture. Carrie Ann calls Cristian “a whole new person.” Len says the dance “had a little bit of wildness about it.” Bruno says he liked the gangster persona and calls the performance “good.” Cristian & Cheryl score a 20, giving them a combined score of 41 out of 60.

Next to take the stage is Monica, with her partner, Jonathan. The couple is planning to dance a mambo, and Monica worries about her lack of ability to put on a sexy facial expression. Monica has to travel to Japan for a prior engagement, and drags Jonathan along with her, so they can practice long into the night. Bruno criticizes that Monica “didn’t connect with the music.” Len says, “You tried your hardest but there are so many technical problems at the moment.” Carrie Ann, Monica’s sole trumpeter, says, “You came out and you attacked it!” Monica & Jonathan score a 15, bringing their total to 30 out of 60.

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