Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Great Boston Burlesque Expo

It wasn’t too long ago when a Burlesque show was something people would sneak into to catch some flesh and some naughty humor. Fast forward to today where something as simple as a burlesque show put on by a few friends in a small club has turned into platinum-selling record, inspiration for haute couture and the launch of a girl from Michigan into a pop culture icon.

Granted the lines have been skewed a little, but the inspiration is there. Look at the lines by designers from Jean-Paul Gaultier, and you can see how he caters to the female form showing all of their curves; something many designers have tried to hide in the past. Gaultier is doing whatever is can to make sure women show them off.

Dita Von Teese has gone from some burlesque performer/ Marilyn Manson’s ex wife to style icon. MAC cosmetics have her as one of their spokeswomen for their Viva Glam series, she’s always in the front row of all of the fashion shows and Dita can be found on many a best dressed list. Almost everyone out there seems to know Ms. Von Teese and there are the lucky few who’ve seen her perform. Who knew a little black hair dye could do so much?

And whether most people want to admit it or not, The Pussycat Dolls started off as a small burlesque show in 1995 and turned into a million dollar money making machine spawning a platinum selling record, a club in Vegas and now a clothing line designed by Doll’s creator, Robin Antin.

This weekend you can see how it at all started and learn how to shake your money maker at The Greater Boston Burlesque Expo and Vintage Fashion Far in Cambridge this weekend. During the Fashion fair, you’ll be able to purchase clothing and accessories so you can get ready for your first performance and attend the costume exhibition to see pieces from the past and present performers. Designer Kirsa Miller who’s working with the expo told Bostonist what she’s looking forward to and what fashion fans can expect at the fair.

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