Monday, April 14, 2008

Buddy TV Talks To James Alsop

I'm very good. What were your first impressions of the other dancers when you first met them?

When I first met the other dancers, I kind of was sizing them up. I was like, "Oh, the way so-and-so was dressed, this is probably what kind of dance they do." But I wasn't really seeing it as a competition. I was just trying to find the weakest link, I guess. to see who can be preyed on first.

You seemed to really hit it off with Miguel almost immediately, and it was so sad that they broke you two up.

I know! The sisters need to be reunited. How dare they?

Who were some of the others you liked?

I love Janelle [Ginestra] and I love Tovah [Collins], and I adore Adriana [Falcon]. And Nick [Drago] is the funniest person I've ever met in my life. He was so cool. Absolutely love him. Adriana, Tovah and Janelle, love those girls. I love all of them.

And who were some that you didn't like?

You don't necessarily dislike anyone at first because, I mean, you don't really know them. But of course, we're dancers, so we're catty. [laughs] And just seeing people's work ethic... I love everyone, but as a dancer it's a different story, you know what I mean? I love everyone as a person.

Did you have a hard time learning the Apache dance?

Did I have a hard time learning it? Yeah, because it was my first time seeing it ever. It was my first time ever even hearing of it. So being thrown into that and having to submerge myself into something that I had no idea what it was, was kind of hard. But I think I pulled it off well, but obviously, it wasn't good enough.

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