Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will DWTS' Crown A Woman Tonight?

Last night, Kristi, Cristián, and Jason (literally) kicked things off with a group cha-cha, an excellent new development that I hope will be repeated in future seasons with different dances. I loved that each couple had to cha-cha to the same music, and that for the final segment, when Jason, Kristi, and Cristián performed the same steps side by side, no one was trying to jut out in front of the others. That sequence (at first I typed ''sequins''!) put it all in perspective: Jason was a bit slow, Kristi appeared to be on a smaller geographic scale than everyone else on the floor (I forget that she's that tiny), and Cristián moved with pronounced rhythm and an expression as eager as DANCMSTR's when contemplating the prospect of lounging at South Beach in a thong with Jason. Despite the (fake) rivalry among the finalists, they obviously really get along — otherwise, Yama-hoochie might've ended up on the floor with a ruptured everything after the Jason-Cristián figure-skating lift at the very end of the dance.

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Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas Freestyle Dance

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