Saturday, June 28, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew 2

How Sass x7 failed to get the boot from "America's Best Dance Crew 2" and hang in through the first two episodes can only be explained as some kind of New Jersey juju.

They hung on despite audience outrage after their victory over Shhh! on the live casting special. Then the cheerleaders escaped last week's distorted bottom two battle between Distorted X and Fanny Pak. Last night the axe finally fell and the spirit team's spell was broken. New Jersey's finest didn't go into this week's competition thinking this was the end, though.

Here's a breakdown:

Super Cr3w: The video: Chris Brown - "Run It." The challenge: Krumping. The Result: A standing ovation. They can do no wrong (right now). The b-boys took on a tough one, but they 'ran it,' surprising judge Shane Sparks who thought it'd be tougher for them because they're breakers. Pfft.

Fanny Pak: The video: Gwen Stefani - "Wind It Up." The challenge: Tricks (windmill). The results: Cuteness. Doing knee floats in knee pads, the crew struggled with some of the trick elements, but standout member Glenda's athleticism with a backflip and 'assisted' head spin helped pull them out.

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