Friday, July 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Eliminations

I guess we're at that point in the So You Think You Can Dance competition when I shouldn't feel all that surprised when someone is in the bottom two, especially when it comes to the guys (well, and the girls who aren't Comfort). Even still, I got the wind knocked out of me a little bit early on in Thursday's results show when the first of the two guys in danger of elimination was revealed. I wasn't the only one who was emotional, though: The results were clearly hard on the dancers — and the studio audience, for that matter. I'm still feeling sad, so let's get to chatting. To see what went down last night, read more.

Well, no shocker on the girls' side: Comfort's headed home—again. And we watched her goodbye highlights reel — again. It was obvious that Courtney was really bummed out to be in the bottom two, maybe even a little shocked. But if anything, this might be a good thing for her, as it could remind fans of the tiny brunette that they have to vote for if they want her to stay.

Mark's reaction to the fact that he wasn't in the bottom two was the most genuine "I'm safe" response we've seen on the show this season. He really lucked out (and knew it!) given how awful his foxtrot was. And it was so sad when they told Twitch he might go home! Were those actual tears? I wanted to hug him!

But, wow: They sent Will home. Can you even believe it? I'm still in shock. He was, to me, the best dancer on the show, and maybe that's what doomed him. As Nigel explained, so often on these shows, if a contestant is assumed to be safe, they don't get the votes and go home prematurely. Not to be a drama queen here, but I can't believe there will be no more Will dances! I wasn't ready for this to end. I might actually go through withdrawal! It should have been Mark, people. It should have been Mark.

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