Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive: Enjoying The Experience With SYTYCD Alumni Jimmy Arguello

Shimmy recently had a chance to spend a few minutes playing catch-up with Season Three SYTYCD top twenty finalist, Jimmy Arguello. Find out more about the rising talent in this exclusive chat.

Shimmy:It has been awhile since we've seen you, what are you doing now?
Jimmy:I just finished performing The Nutcracker with Class Act Performing Arts Company in Paso De Robles Ca, with Jesus. I have also joined Fauxpasdance company with Studio A. I Just got back from Houston, Texas teaching workshops, and next week I leave to Havre Montana for a couple more workshops to teach.

Shimmy: Where did you train?
Jimmy: I trained in Miami Florida with The Dance Gallery Studio for 8 years. Then I trained with Remixed Dance Center for 2 years.

Shimmy: What is one of your most memorable dance moments?
Jimmy: Being able to travel the world and embracing my gift with others.

Shimmy:What is something random we would be surprised to learn about you?
Jimmy: I love to eat and I can speak Spanish.

Shimmy:What would you like to be doing in 15 years if not dancing?
Jimmy: Married with my partner and kids.

Shimmy: What inspired you to dance?
Jimmy: A really close friend of mine.

Shimmy:What are your rituals before you dance?
Jimmy: I pray to my father in heaven, thanking him for the life he has given me.

Shimmy:What on your ipod now?
Jimmy: Alicia Keys, Damien Rice, Goapele, Brian Mcknight, Whitney Houston, Nicole Sherzinger, Dave Matthews Band, Sting and more.

Shimmy:What genre outside of your own did you want to learn on the SYTYCD?
Jimmy: The Waltz.

Shimmy: Which choreographer would you have liked to work with on the show that you didn't have a chance to?
Jimmy:Mia Micheals

Shimmy:What was your favorite dance from the show?
Jimmy:Hok and Jaime Jazz ( The Chairmans Waltz Memoirs of a Geisha)

Shimmy: What was your favorite behind the scenes moment from the show? Jimmy: Getting to know all the P.A's who became family.

Shimmy:We didn't really get to know you that much on SYTYCD so what would you like people to know about you?
Jimmy:I am going to school for psychology. I want to become a childrens psychologist.

Shimmy: What advice would you give for people trying out this year? Be yourself and dont hide it.
Jimmy: You're unique in everyway, enjoy the process and experience.

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