Friday, January 18, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive- Catching Up With Lacey Schwimmer

The last installment of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance pulled in massive ratings, who wasn't watching? The top ten finalists'rode the wave and embarked on a massive tour across the U.S. (with a quick stop in Canada). Shimmy recently had the opportunity to catch up with Top Four Finalist Lacey Schwimmer.

Shimmy: What was one of your favorite behind the scenes moments from SYTYCD?

Lacey: From the tv show it would have to be before each show we taped...we would be warming up getting finishing touches on hair and makeup and hearing fans in the audience going crazy! The energy was through the roof!
On tour I would say the first time we stepped on stage from our was the most wild and scary thing I have experienced!

Shimmy: What dance done by another couple do you wish you'd have been able to do on the show?

Lacey: I honestly loved the Vagabond routine performed by Jesus and Sarah. But if I was able to do perform one it would have to be the West Coast Swing done by Pasha and Sarah....its was rad!

Shimmy: Was there anyone on the show that you would have like to have been paired with but weren't?

Lacey: Haha! Dominic. He and I are the biggest goofballs, it would have been interesting!

Shimmy: What was your favorite smaller city to visit on tour and why?

Lacey: I loved Atlantic city, SHOPPING! Toronto was amazing even tho we were there for only a few hours!

Shimmy: What rituals if any do you have before performing?

Lacey: The usual, stretching, singing to my ipod, goofing off, and doing bad dancing with would have to see it!

Shimmy: Your fans absolutely love your style because it's unique so we'll ask for them, where do you buy your clothes?

Lacey: Thats cute! Well my style is unique and I find is always changing! For the most part vintage is my favorite, Planet Funk, Urban Outiftters, Diesel, Betsy Johnson, and TARGET SWEATS.

Shimmy: What ballroom dancers (aside from family) have inspired you most and why?

Lacey: Growing up my dad coached the 16 time World Champions Donny Burns and Gaynor Fairwether. Brilliant dancers, brilliant people.

Shimmy: How is your knee healing? Is this your first major dance-related injury?

Lacey: FIRST? Noway! I have torn and strained muscles all my life, part of a dancers world if you ask me! But this is the first time I have ever had surgery. My knee is healing well, I have 4 small scars, but since I've been pushing my knee to the max, I have tendonitis in the patella. (the cap) Painful ,but working through it.

Shimmy: Have you begun training again?

Lacey: I just started retraining my center of balance ,which has gotten the best of me. Its really frustrating to know that you cant do things the way you used to. Although, my therapist is saying i am already stronger than before my injury!

Shimmy: What do you intend to do once fully healed?

Lacey: I think my competing days are over... But im scheduled to teach all over the world, judge, make appearances, and perform. I also plan on getting into acting and choreography.

Shimmy: Who is your favorite choreographer and what draws you to their work?

Lacey: Mia (Michaels), was among my favorites to watch and work with. I think anyone would agree.

Shimmy: What's on your ipod?

Lacey: Haha! What isn't on my ipod? Im really into artists nobody has heard of, but you can't deny classics like the Spice Girls, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Chris Garneau, Mirah, Ima Robot, Kanye West, Justin Nozuka, Mika, Young name it more than likely have it!

Shimmy: 3 things you cannot live without?

Lacey: -Black and White anything
-Tmobile Sidekick
-Fast food

Shimmy: Tell us something that about yourself that will surprise us.

Lacey: I hold annual scavenger hunts at WALMART. ( you have a list, have to get everything on that list, and for a bonus you have to find the biggest object to sneek into someones shopping cart, I once got a tire into someones cart!)

Shimmy: If in 15 years you're no longer dancing, what might you be doing instead?

Lacey: Owning my own Chick-Fil-A?? Haha, no. I would only hope I was happy, healthy, and working with something I love dearly.

Photos by Tania Gressell

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