Thursday, January 17, 2008

Updates From SYTYCD 3's Hok And Lauren

Via Myspace bulletins.

Hok's Update

Quest performance!!!

hi guys, me and my troupe "Quest" will be performing and competing in a talent competition in LA called Kollaborationon feb 23rd!!! the more people we get to come support us, the more energy we will get!!!! please get tickets through the link and come support!


Hokuto Konishi
Ryan Conferido
Steve terada
Victor Kim
Dominic Sandoval

Lauren's Update

Guess what's happening in 2 days......................


January 19-20, 2008
Doubletree at Reid Park

It's a GREAT faculty and its even better that its taken place in my home. Make sure to check out the website and sign up now since you only got 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

When you go, make sure to find Andy Funk (the director/owner/founder) and tell him I say WHATS UP! Oh and ask him how old his 6 year old son is.....he'll know what your talking about :)

go to to register

For everyone who's going....have a BLAST, work hard :)

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