Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anita Hartshorn and Frank Sweiding skate the world

"We don't do anything unless it's an adventure," says adagio skater Anita Hartshorn, who with her on- and off-ice partner of 20 years, Frank Sweiding, is currently appearing in an ice show on the tropical Pacific island of Guam. "We like adventure," says Sweiding, stating the obvious.

Five years ago, ice magician Steve Wheeler asked the couple to join his show, Steve Wheeler's Magic on Ice, when it played in Seoul, Korea. "We thought we'd lived in Europe for a number of years and we had toured all over North America, why not go to the Far East for a change?" Sweiding says. "This was our opportunity to see what that end of the world is like. When the show moved to Guam, we thought that would be a nice way to learn what it is like to live on a tropical island."

And so for the past four years, they have spent October to May performing two shows a night/six nights a week at the Sand Castle Theater. Adagio is a theatrical version of pair skating with spectacular lifts well suited for ice shows performed on a small surface or stage. The ice for Magic on Ice is 40' by 40'.

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