Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reality TV Magazine Chats With Dan Karaty

Dancers across America, lace up your dancing shoes! As Reality TV Magazine previously reported, FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance is auditioning for the 2008 season. Recently we had the opportunity to chat with So You Think You Can Dance judge, Dan Karaty, about the upcoming season, his faves, and what it takes to land a spot on the show.

Karaty, who, along with fellow judge, Mary Murphy, and the rest of the So You Think You Can Dance crew, will be visiting, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Salt Lake City, says that he’s most looking forward to one audition in particular.

“I’m really looking forward to Washington, D.C., just because we’ve always had so much talent in New York City. We’re hoping that the talent of New York City filters on down to D.C.”

Yet, Karaty is quick to point out, he’s also looking forward to seeing what D.C.-natives have to offer, and certainly can’t count out any dancers in any city, openly encouraging all dancers to come out and “take your shot,” even if you’re a hip-hop artist who doesn’t know a thing about ballroom dancing.

“What our show does is incredible,” he says. “The versatility that we require from the contestants is just insane. How many dancers can do [all genres of dance]? To be able to do everything is almost unheard of.”

The key word, of course, being “almost.” Karaty admits that his favorite past competitors are the hip hop artists nobody expected to be able to handle ballroom dancing, such as season one’s Jamile and Ivan, from season two. But both dancers, Karaty explains, “got better every week,” and that’s what he loves most about So You Think You Can Dance.

“Every year it seems like the dancers get better,” he says. “We truly find the most talented dancers out there.”

This, Karaty explains, is what makes So You Think You Can Dance unique from the other dancing shows that have cropped up in the reality TV world. Yet, Karaty couldn’t be more thrilled for the competition.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am [to see more dance competition shows on TV]. For years dance was a background art form – in the back of commercials, in the back of movies, behind the lead singer of a band. I say the more the merrier. I watch all the shows. [America’s Best] Dance Crew is incredible.”

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