Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: Week 7

The guys and gals on Dancing With The Stars really had their work cut out for them this week. Each couple had not one, but two, dances to learn this week: a ballroom dance and a Latin dance. With only three weeks left before the mirror ball trophy is awarded, the pressure of perfection is intense.

Marissa & Tony kicked the show off with en pointe tango that was very classy and cute. It was easily their best dance of the season and the judges thought so as well. They received triple nines for their dramatic tango. Their Latin dance was a rumba and I found it to be very boring. Tony's '70s outfit and the music they danced to didn't help matters either. The judges thought it was a beautiful sweet dance though Len did tell her there was not enough hip action and told them their routine was a bit too careful. They only received a 25 on their rumba bringing their total score of the night to a 52 out of 60.

Cristian & Cheryl's dance for the ballroom round was a Viennese waltz. Dancing to "I'll Make Love To You", I thought their routine was very nice and I loved Cheryl's drop at the end. Bruno told them the dance was a pleasure to watch but Len and Carrie Ann found it lacking. They received a 25 for their Viennese Waltz. Their next dance was a samba and it began really well. However, halfway through Cristian grabbed his left forearm and began rubbing it while she kept on dancing. It only got worse from there. He tried to continue dancing but then missed her grab and then missed her hold at the end causing both of them to fall on the floor. When Tom asked him what was wrong, Cristian told him he believed he pulled a muscle in his arm. He looked to be in a lot of pain and Tom cut to commercial. After a long commercial break, Cristian was in front of the judges with an ice pack on his arm next to Cheryl. The judges thought he was brave for trying to continue on but had to score them based on what they saw. They received triple sevens and wound up with a 46 out of 60 on the night. Cristian then went to the hospital where we later learned from Tom he had a severe muscle cramp. Whew! So, hopefully Cristian will be back next week.

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