Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two dances of modern love - hip and balletic

TWO modern love stories about complicated romance, unrequited love and the battle of the sexes will be danced this week: one as a modern dance from Germany, the other a classic ballet from Russia.

The modern dance "And I Love You So ..." by Braunschweig State Dance Theater is about the complicated relations between couples. It will be staged at the Lyceum Theater on May 7.

The ballet "Red Giselle," considered the masterpiece of the Eifman Ballet of St Petersburg, presents the conflicts in a successful dancer's love life. It will be performed today at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

"And I Love You So ..." choreographed by Eva-Maria Lerchenberg-Thony, art director of 300-year-old Braunschweig State Dancer Theater, is a choreographic merry-go-round about love. The battle of the sexes is demonstrated by aggressive movements, while self-assertion is expressed in classical, or risky forms of dance. Even wacky elements of break dance remind us that sometimes love can make us laugh.

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