Saturday, June 28, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Eliminations

The group number started out to the music of “The Dance” by Charlotte Martin and choreographed by Mia Michaels. The group, dressed all in black and white, was tremendous and any of this group could probably be dancing on The Great White Way tomorrow. Cat Deeley gave a quick intro to the judges and immediately got to the results by calling the first three couples out to center stage.

The three couples were Chelsea and Thayne, Katee and Joshua and Chelsea and Mark. Cat started with Chelsea Traille and Thayne and we quickly saw how they did last night with the Quick Step. The judges were not pleased and America agreed as they were quickly sent to ready themselves for their solos. Cat next turned her attention to Katee and Joshua, showed us their “Stuff,” as excellent as it was, and we knew they were safe…and they were. Finally, we saw the cool routine from Chelsea and Mark and America loved them as well.

The next three couples strutted to center stage and Cat got right into the good news and maybe the bad. Kherington and Twitch were first in the hot seat and we saw how they did with their Hip-Hop routine…and Mary screaming in approval. They were safe according to the vote and sent to the safe zone. Next we saw Courtney and Gev do a beautiful Rumba routine and America seemed to agree with the judges as Cat announced they were safe. Comfort and Chris, who were savaged by the judges for a loud and disjointed routine last evening, were the second couple sent to the solo zone to get ready to dance for their lives.

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