Sunday, June 15, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18

Top 20 Group Number - Wade Robson, Choreographer ("Cobrastyle," Robyn)
The show opened with an incredibly fun number. I loved how Robson incorporated elements from the show itself, and specifically judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe into the choreography, even if he was only trussed up on a rolling chair throughout. As for the dancing, it was tight and fierce. I honestly expected a twenty dancer routine to be a bit of a nightmare, but if there were any weak points, the whole thing was just too much fun to even notice it. That said, it seemed more designed for the television, as there was also some tricky camera work as an integral part of the storytelling, than for a live theater, but what the hell. This is a television program, after all.

Guest Performances
Popping Pete and something incomprehensible that might be 'Shonee' followed by Cat biting her tongue came out and did a popping routine to "I Can Make You Dance" by Zapp. I thought there were some really dry spots during it, and would have liked the choreography to incorporate the pair together better. But I'll give them props for being part of the group that originated the style. And as they were the innovators, as with many things, others have come along and done more dynamic things with their creation.

Later, The Pussycat Dolls performed "When I Grow Up." Let's face it, this group is about how hot Nicole Scherzinger is and about the rest of the girls being half naked but still not quite as hot. For a group founded by a choreographer (Robin Antin) that started as a dance troupe performing on a dance show, I would have liked to see much better choreography out of them. Or if not that, some good singing, maybe? But I'll give credit to Scherzinger for finding a black acrylic paint to plaster on her body where most people wear pants.

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