Monday, July 14, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew 2 Top 7 Crews

Thus far the eliminations on America's Best Dance Crew have been well-rounded: one crew from the East, Midwest and South divisions have been sent home. Will that equity continue, sending one of the West Coast crews home?

This week on America's Best Dance Crew it's all about speed. The songs are sped up and crews must show off their lightning fast moves. The hard part is they must do a transition from slow to fast.


Boogie Bots
The boys with the sentimental story are the first safe team. Shane Sparks is a bit down on their sloppiness, while the other judges are more forgiving.

Super Cr3w
The b-boys are dressed like those silver guys who stand outside, motionless. They're statues, and one of the crew members is a graffiti artist who gets chased by them. Their routine is unbelievable in that I don't think they're human with the speed and originality they bring. JC Chasez once again points out the emphasis on storytelling and the lack of dancing. Shane wasn't blown away for the first time by Super Cr3w because they've stepped up their own game so much over the course of the show.

The speed-up challenge is especially difficult for deaf Joey. The fast part isn't too impressive, but it involves the men tossing the women around like rag dolls. JC compliments the slow part and Shane loves the fact that they fused ballet and hip hop. Lil' Mama respects that they go hard and don't look for sympathy or excuses just because of Joey's hearing impairment.

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