Saturday, July 5, 2008

So You Think You can Dance Top 12

The top fourteen dancers performed a Broadway routine to "Money Money" from Cabaret (Original Cast Recording) choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. The performance started off slow for me, but at the part of the song where the company starts whispering "money, money, money, money," I thought the dance picked up as well. I think that's testament to Tyce's ability to pace a number.
Tyce's take on the song was a little watered-down and very "appropriate" for network TV. Those of you who have seen the Broadway show know that the choreography is grittier and much raunchier than that. But, what could he do?

Another slight issue was that there are a lot of people who find Will annoying. If you're one of them, you may have not liked this routine right from the beginning. After all, it starts with his mug for the first ten seconds. I like Will; I thought he was strong. But, I think Mark should have been the lead male in this dance. He's just so quirky and he's a little effeminate. The part of the Emcee would have fit nicely.

When all the dancers started dancing in unison and the camera pulled away for that double pirouette, it was awesome. The editing worked very nicely there, really complimenting the action on stage.

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