Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chelsea Traille Talks with Reality TV Magazine

When asked to explain stealing flowers, Chelsea Traille said, “Well, I’m Jamaican and I just love beautiful flowers and it kind of just started. Basically it was kind of a joke. But I love having fresh flowers and like being away from home, the apartment just was kind of dull. So, one day we all went on a walk to the grocery store and we passed all these beautiful flowers and I said, let’s take some flowers.

Chelsea continued, “So we picked some flowers and we had some pretty flowers in the living room and then it just became like this thing; you know, once you start seeing flowers along the sidewalk or something you just kind of want to pick them. And I was just the one that always wanted to have flowers and so I loved color and I always wanted to have flowers at the apartment.”

When asked what she learned from her experience on the show, Chelsea said, “I think the overall experience was how to go about working with people. It wasn’t all about dance. It was working with different types of people and it was a humbling experience being around so much talent and so many different genres. I think those were the two main things that I’m going to take away from this, work ethic and working with different personalities.”

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