Monday, July 14, 2008

Buddy TV Interviews Thayne Jasperson

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV and today I’m talking to Thayne from So You Think You Can Dance. Can you tell me a little bit about your dance background and how long you’ve been dancing?

I’ve been dancing for six years now, I started late. I got into a dancing group and they made me take dance classes because I sucked at it, and then I saw a company dance with guys on it that was really strong. I was like, “Wow, that’s what I want to do, I want to dance like them.” So I started taking ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and I took some hip-hop. Just kind of all day long, like I would take two ballet classes a day because I wanted to become good in a matter of two months. [laughs] After that it was just working like crazy, like I would go into the studio by myself and I would work on the warmup and the different things that they would do in the jazz class. I would clean at the studio so I could take classes for cheaper, because I couldn’t really afford all the classes. And then I got into the company, I’ve been dancing with them, I went on tour to Europe, I did both of the High School Musicals as a featured dancer. I got to be in the movie American Mall, it’s coming out very soon.

Oh yes, American Mall, that’s the one that Neal Haskell’s in?


Oh that’s great. So is this your first year trying out for So You Think You Can Dance?

Yes, this is my first year.

What made you decide to try out for the show and what was the goal?

The goal, well, I really wanted to get on the show. I watched the show since the beginning and I loved it, I thought it was so cool, and so I wanted to get on it. I didn’t know how far I’d go really, like when I first made it to Vegas we were going on the European tour so I was like, Crap, I’m not going to be able to even go to Vegas. But then the chance came and I was able to go, and then when I was in Vegas it was kind of like each day I was like, okay, I just want to make it to tomorrow, I just want to make it Mia, I just want to make it to the last day. Then after I made it to the last thing, I was like, Okay, I really want to make it to the top 20. I think the goal the changed as I progressed through

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