Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hok Konishi Talks To Scene Guy

Hok exemplified the show's potential and central premise -- taking a dancer and putting them out of their element, a premise that simultanesouly creates the fish-out-of-water scenarios that so many reality programs thrive on, while also displaying to a mainstream audience the virtuosity, artistry and sheer athleticism present in the world of dance.

As a bboy, Hok's exuberance takes precedence over his (formidable) technical skills. Not one to rely on mere tricks, Hok's strength is his performative instincts. He's not just dancing; he's entertaining, he's emoting, and he's engaging with the music, the movements and the audience. So it's not surprising that Hok is an artist in other mediums as well -- he's a talented visual artist and accomplished violinist, other forms of expression that he plans on pursuing after his arms and legs can no longer do the things he wants them to. "Dancing is something you can do only while your body functions, so I decided to take that as my career for now," he says.

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