Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive- Disney On Ice: Princess Classics

Two hours of non-stop royalty. That is what Disney On Ice: Princess Classics tour is. Take a look around the arena corridor and you'll notice two things- Princess merch everywhere and little girls dressed like princesses surround you. The feel? Magical. The on-ice set design is exactly what you'd expect from any Disney production. Castles, carriages, a magic carpet that really flies... I could go on and on really. The only thing obviously missing is the beloved Flounder character from The Little Mermaid. While there are no well-known skaters in the cast it really makes no difference in the end. They are elite, clearly international competitors and the skating is first rate.

The formula for this show really seems to cater to the attention span of little ones. The first half is a series of ten minute (Give or take) stories. Shortened versions of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Beauty And The Beast, Sleeping Beauty and lastly Mulan
are brought to life. After a fifteen minute intermission the skaters all return to tell a much longer version of Cinderella. This portion of the show is exceptional. The lighting during the "Cinderelli" segment has an old Live In Technicolor look to it and the quality of the skating seems to peak.

The only thing better than watching the original film might just might be seeing Cinderella crossing the ice in her horse drawn carriage. Even if you weren't thrilled about coming to the show and did it for your children, in this moment, YOU will be happy you're there.

If You Are Going To The Show

- There isn't going to be a bad seat because of the way the set is designed. The best seats are probably near center ice with the skaters' entrance to your right though.

- Bring MONEY. It's Disney and nothing is cheap. They have programs, coloring books, dolls, booths to have photos taken with characters. Even the standard arena snacks are Disney-esque. The popcorn comes in Aladdin boxes and sno cones come in Cinderella cups that will cost you ten bucks!

- Let your little one dress up like Belle if she insists. She'll blend right in and it'll add to her great memory.

- Have fun!

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