Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive Interview- Hok Konishi

Recently, Shimmy had the opportunity to steal a few minutes of Hok Konishi's time. What follows are his thoughts on life after SYTYCD, art and a bit of gratitude as well.

Shimmy: What did you do once you were eliminated from SYTYCD?

Hok: Well, nothing too much really. Did some interviews, just jumped back into reality. I did a show in England and then came back the next day to start rehearsing for the tour!! I have to say I was shocked at first though!

Shimmy: What are you currently doing?

Hok: I am currently in Japan for a couple weeks trying to get my status straight, and then I am back in LA doing more things!

Shimmy: Tell us about your background (Where you've trained etc.)

Hok: Well I cant say I really have a strong "trained" background but I started dancing at a hiphop studio in Tokyo, did that for 3 years and then after that I just started practicing everyday at the train station (because studios were too expensive for us to rent)- hard floor, extremely hot in the summer, and extremely cold in the winter... probably the worst condition.

Shimmy: How did you get started in dance?

Hok: I watched a dance show in Japan and something just clicked inside me

Shimmy: What inspires you?

Hok: Anything and everything in life. I think that beauty exists everywhere, you just have to change perspectives sometimes and find it. Once you have done that, then you can tweak it and make it your original and then express it with dance, art and such.

Photo: Tania Gressell

Shimmy: What part of Japan are you from and do you return there often?

Tokyo. One of the best places I have been. The food is amazing!

Shimmy: What do you love and miss most about Japan and England as well?

Hok: Hmm, again I will have to say food and the convenience for Japan. and as for England, the freedom and my old friends... even though I have recently started talking to them again! I am so happy about that.

Shimmy: What other genre would you have liked to have tried while on SYTYCD?

Hok: Ohhh, I know that it is completely out of my field but I would have wanted to try contemporary.

Shimmy: What dance from the show (danced by someone else) was your favorite?

Hok: I really loved the top 8 dance done by Mia Michaels (Imogen Heap's The Moment I Said It)... amazing

Shimmy: Tell us more about your visual art.

Hok: Well I don't know if it could be categorized in "visual art" but I have always loved to draw since I was one years old. I was only able to actually "study" art at little classes at school and a year and a half at Santa Monica College by my mentor Nathan Ota (he is truly amazing!!). I really like to draw, paint and do some stuff on the computer too when I have the time.

Shimmy: If I put your ipod on shuffle who would I be listening to?

Hok: Ohh, probably something like Roisin Murphy, m.i.a., System of a Down, M-Flo, random hiphop beats

Shimmy: What are three things you cannot exist without?

Hok: My ibook, cellphone, and my Nintendo DS.... all electronics!

Shimmy: If in ten years you aren't dancing, what might you be doing instead?

Hok: Most likely taking my art more seriously, owning some kind of buisiness

Shimmy: What one thing would you like your fans to know?

Hok: I would really like them to know that I truly appreciated their support while I was on the show. I will be having a lot more to come with my crew QUEST so it would be great if they can keep their eyes out!

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