Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baryshnikov Not Ready For Final Bow

Mikhail Baryshnikov celebrated his 60th last week, a landmark generally accompanied by a few extra creaks in the joints. But the dance superstar who once thrilled audiences with unidentifiable jumps doesn't seem to be prone to prop up his feet.

The gypsy in this dancer's soul has taken him on an unparalleled journey, as actor, artistic director and producer -- and with his name even attached to a fragrance, Misha.

His original ballet partners are long gone from the stage. He has crossed so many artistic boundaries that they simply could not keep up: an Oscar nomination for "The Turning Point," the Emmy Award-winning "Baryshnikov on Broadway," the recent "Beckett Shorts" (which finished Jan. 20), and Carrie's love interest on HBO's "Sex and the City."

Despite a long-term relationship with former dancer Lisa Rinehart, four children, two grandchildren and a few close friends, Baryshnikov's primary love in life has been dance.

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