Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dance War Crossover?

Last week, the show introduced the audience to another new ABC star, The Bachelor's latest toothy fellow to take the plunge into reality world dating, Matt Grant. Sure, the two shows have nothing in common but pretty people, eliminations and a network, but what the heck: as my colleague Debbie Chang pointed out in her most recent recap, Dance War has to fill up its extra minutes one way or another.

For Monday's show, there are reported to be two more special events on the show for ABC and its parent company, Disney.

The Disney tie-in is an appearance by the cast of the High School Musical national tour. The cast is said to be performing “We're All in This Together” on Monday's Dance War episode.

The possible ABC tie-in is a rumored announcement of the cast of Dancing with the Stars 6. If the announcement is made, will any of the rumored celebs be on the list? Rumblings have been heard about Cheryl Ladd, Monica Seles, Marla Maples, and Brooke Hogan.

And there's another potential Dancing with the Stars/Dance War crossover, although this one isn't official.

Dance War contestant Zack Wilson and Dancing with the Stars champ Julianne Hough were previously engaged, but have since broken it off. Now, however, OK! Magazine has reported some ambiguous comments from Zack after Julianne was spotted cheering him on in the Dance War audience.

OK! says, “Asked if they were an item again, [Zack] laughed, ‘I'm going to plead the Fifth!'”

Zack will admit that she's been there for him as support through the process, saying, “The biggest advice she's given me is to let America see who I really am, to see my personality. That is what has helped her get to the level that she's at in this business.”

He's going to return the favor saying “I'll be going to [be in the audience on] Dancing With the Stars next season. We support each other in whatever we do. We remain very close.”

Source: buddytv

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