Friday, February 8, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive Interview- Jaimie Goodwin

Shimmy: How has life changed for you after doing SYTYCD?
Jaimie: Life has been amazing! It's fun to have people recognize me. As far as jobs the recognition and opportunties have been fantastic. It can be stressful as well because now that everyone knows you, especially in the " dance world" you have expectations to fulfill. That's a minor thing though so I can't complain.

Shimmy: What number by another couple was your favorite on SYTYCD?
Jaimie: Danny and Neils' Two Princes.

Shimmy: Tell us something funny from behind the scenes.
Jaimie: Dominic. Just Dominic!

Shimmy: Which judge did you feel most comfortable with?
Jaimie: I can't lie, I love Nigel.

Shimmy: What have you been doing these past few months?
Jaimie: I moved to NYC, working with NYCDA, and I just recently did a job with Mia Michaels.

Shimmy: Tell us about NYCDA.
Jaimie: NYCDA is the most fun! Sabra and Allie (Holker) and I have been traveling with them and we honestly have a blast together! Its also really cool to meet all the dancers that come to watch or take class. You'd be amazed how many people can inspire you in class, even the babies.

Shimmy: What is your dream role?
Jaimie: I'd love to dance in a company- but not yet. Right now I'm happy doing different projects. Its really helping me find myself and explore what I really want do later.

Shimmy: Is there any different dance genre that you'd love to try?
Jaimie: I'd love to learn more ballroom. Not so much waltz, but I really wanted to do an Argentine Tango or the Paso. I was in a Flamenco company for years and I love the sensuality and passion in those genres.

Shimmy: What inspires you to dance?
Jaimie: So many things and so many people. My family got me started. My teacher, Denise is like my mom and she's kept me going. Watching other dancers, both professionals and students, makes me want to try new things and push myself.

Shimmy: Do you have any rituals before performing?
Jaimie: I always pray. I always talk to Denise and we do this thing called "zaa". Hard to explain that...

Shimmy: If you had to trade places with one person for 24 hours who would it be?
Jaimie: Uhhh... Adrianna Lima the Victoria's Secret model.. (Laughing) just because I've always wanted to be one and she's my favorite.

Shimmy: 3 things you cannot live without.
Jaimie: God, family/friends, dance.

Shimmy: What is on your ipod?
Jaimie: Alot of Damien Rice, Panic at the Disco, Rachel Yamagata, Coldplay, Rihanna, everything really.

Shimmy: If in 10 years you are not dancing, what might you be doing instead?
Jaimie: Having babies.

Shimmy: The best thing about being on SYTYCD was_________________.
Jaimie: Dancing on tv! It's a dream!!

Shimmy Video Pick:
* Jaimie and Danny Tidwell's jive to Girlfriend *

Video: Shannon03us

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