Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sabra Johnson Update her words via her Myspace Blog

I want to start off by saying I've seen Juno 3 times now and I love it! I definitely recommend it!

Now that I'm living back in New York, and I don't really even get to be there, everything is just the way I want it to be. Traveling with NYCDA is incredible. I'm so happy working with/for them. I just got to Las Vegas to visit my studio. They are insanely amazing people and I've missed them so much. I'm happy to be back for a moment.

On the other hand I have been training and doing some workshops here and there. All of this together means "no time for myspace" :). I'm sorry about that for everybody who expects that of me. I have gotten a lot of emails in regards to music I used and if I'm going to Australia or Canada. For music......My audition song was Rachel Yamagata "Quiet" and my tour song was Devochtka "How it Ends"... an amazing song.

Australia has some great news! I am coming along with Kameron in April. We are going a number of places which I can't remember at the moment but I am sure about Sydney and Melbourne. We are so stoked about it and I know I'm probably not going to want to leave! If you want to find out a little more I'm sure Kameron will have all the info before me so just check out his page. We know how slow I am with mine :). I can't wait to meet Australia! Canada I'm still not sure when that will happen but hopefully soon.

I hope your having an exciting year so far! Theres no reason not to, it's all in your hands.


P.S. This is my real myspace and no one but myself, the real Sabra, runs it. Much Love

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