Monday, February 4, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance- Australia

TEN's local version of the US reality contest So You Think You Can Dance Australia certainly burst to life last night as one of the big new shows of the 2008 season.

Dancing has done extraordinarily well for the Seven Network, but finally we have a show shifting focus from celebrities to emerging talent, a first since the ABC's Strictly Dancing. And with all the leaps and tumbles, pirouettes and flourishes it is indeed better visual fare than aspiring singers.

Having seen the US series, there were few surprises structurally. We also know the basic Idol assembly line of seeing cattle call auditionees. But it didn't matter. There is so much untapped talent that the night was filled with plenty of stunning dancers, and of course sad wannabes. The first season will sail through on its fresh, new blood alone. Hmmm, is this the real reason Daryl Somers decided to quit Dancing with the Stars?

There were some terrific dancers in Perth and Brisbane. Dancers by the name of Stephanie, Camilla, Anthony and indigenous dancer Sermsah had the judges in awe. The emotional story of 29yo Bessy who had escaped civil war in El Salvador was powerful stuff. Three hat-wearing hip hop dancers found themselves divided as only one was awarded an automatic pass to the Sydney dance-off.

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"We had an outstanding response when we auditioned for dancers around the country," a TEN spokesperson said. "We were thrilled to have confirmed what we already suspected, Australians can dance, which was in evidence last night.
"Dancing is something that reaches into many communities and last night saw them switch on to barrack for their own. We think the audience will be thrilled as we showcase the rest of the country."

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