Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shimmy Exclusive Interview- Sara Von Gillern

Shimmy: What have you been up to these past few months?

Sara: I spent the month following tour in Colorado with family and friends in the mountains. I snowboarded every single day and tried to train every night. It was absolutely the best thing for me to relax and return to normalcy after the tour. In January I moved all of my belongings to an apt. in West Hollywood. I've been settled and adjusting now for the last two weeks. I'm currently taking classes, training, auditioning for upcoming performances and industry work, and I'm also going to be teaching masterclasses and workshops all over.

Shimmy: Tell us a bit about your current training.

Sara: I train everyday - there's spots everywhere in LA and everyone is always down to dance. I've definitely improved already in the short amount of time I've been out here. Everyone is willing to help you out as well so I've been learning like crazy. Right now I'm training with another dancer to do lindy hop. We'll be performing in a couple of weeks at several different events. Also, check out SiTV in a couple of weeks for a show called "The Drop." I'll be on that battling my fellow Ladies First member, and my best friend, Sassy Sol.

Shimmy: You've tried so many different styles of dance, if you didn't specialize in hip hop, what would your next choice be?

Sara: Definitely, tap or jazz. Those dance styles have been a huge influence on my current technique. If I didn't dance at all, though, I would most definitely be a professional snowboarder.

Shimmy: Any special rituals before you perform?

Sara: Not really, I like to listen to some good breaks to get me hype before I perform. But normally, I just prepare myself mentaly before what's to come.

Shimmy: Do you still figure skate? Were you involved in the sport competitively? If so, why did you stop?

Sara: I do still like to throw on my skates whenver there is a ice rink available. Mostly, at Copper Mtn. I will skate after a day of riding the slopes.

Shimmy: What is the best thing came to you as a result of doing SYTYCD?

Sara: Traveling on tour and meeting all of the fans who watched the show. Also, getting closer with all the other dancers that made the tour. We had a really fun time together!

Shimmy: Tell us something from behind the scenes of the show that we would never know otherwise.

Sara: Hmm. Hok and Lacey were no longer. I think you super fans know that one though. Pasha and I had to miss Nigel's birthday party to practice for our West Coast Swing performace.
That was a rough one!

Shimmy: What number from the show done by another couple did you love?

Sara: I loved Danny and Lacey's Samba routine. I also really liked Sabra's and Neil's table dance.

Shimmy: What was your favorite group number?

Sara: I really loved Wade's top 20 piece to Busta Rhymes. It brought all of the dancers together for the first time and the idea behind the dance was really unique and interesting.

* SYTYCD Top 20 Group Number *

Video: bmt08

Shimmy: How was it going on tour? What was your favorite stop and why?

Sara: I had too many favorite spots. I loved seeing my family and friends so Chicago and Tampa were very memorable for me.

Shimmy: What workshops do you have coming up?

Sara: Yes, I will be going to South Africa to teach as well as Montreal, Quebec in next two months. I will also be teaching in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Colorado as well.

Shimmy: How do you relax?

Sara: Funny enough how I relax is being active...hiking, snowboarding and going out dancing. I love to watch scary movies and I also enjoy writing.

Shimmy: Who is on your ipod?

Sara: EVERYONE! I love hip hop, underground artists and mainstream. I like a lot of DJ mixes with breaks and house. I also grew up listening to a lot of Rock, punk and ska music.

Shimmy: 3 things you cannot exist without?

Sara: MY BODY PILLOW, DOWN COMFORTER, and my friends.

Shimmy: Jump ahead 15 years, where do you see yourself in life?

Sara: Married with children living in New Zealand. haha sounds crazy right? I don't really know where I see myself - I just want to be happy and travel the world before I can settle down.

Shimmy: What would you like your fans to know?

Sara: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have been amazing people in my life. Your support means everything to me. I am so blessed to have shared my art with you and for you to support me is truly amazing. Thank you for watching, voting and for caring about the dance community. I hope that I have given you some inspiration to keep doing what you love and believe in yourself.

Shimmy Video Pick:

* Sara & Jesus performing Cabaret Hoover *

Video: hannahmontana25

Photos: Chris Callaway and Tania Gressell

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Thank you for the great interview. We love Sara!!!!!!

February 4, 2008 at 6:56 PM  

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