Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dance War- Why Am I Still Watching??

I think last night proved hands down that my love for dance will allow me to sit through almost anything performed onstage regardless of how bad it might be. In the case of Dance War, it's not maybe bad- it's really bad. Team Bruno as a whole just needs to leave because if this is a competition that includes vocal talent, well... there is none.

That brings me to the same question that I have had during each episode, why are they singing? Who thought this was a good idea and if someone really did think it's a good idea, is this the best that they could find? Musical theater is everywhere. Small town entertainers and traveling groups have better vocals then all of Bruno's team combined. I just do not get it.

And the dancing. I hate to criticize dancers' and in a way I'm not because it's not their fault that everything is so weak. World class choreographers at the helm and I feel as though my five year old mini dance guru could get the steps given a few hours of rehersal.

So why am I watching at all? Why are you? Because the network is clever that's why. Dance is hot and anything dance related will get viewers (Ahem! Advertising!). It doesn't have to actually be good, it just has to air. Throw it on in a primetime slot and people will tune in. Not only that but they'll tune in weekly with the hope that it will improve.

The problem is there is not an ounce of improvement in sight.

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