Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dance War- Still Not Feeling The Love...

Remember when Alice fell down the rabbit hole and suddenly she was gallivanting with mad hatters, talking cards, and swam in a sea of her own tears? Well, none of that happened this week on "Dance War," but the completely illogical chain of events in that story applies to this baffling dance competition.

"Dance War's season finale is next week. What? So far, there is one team of four and one team of six. How on earth does that produce a winner? That's like having a track race but halfway through pulling out five runners and saying, "Yeah, we're done here." Team Bruno loses a member every single week, so haven't they essentially lost the competition already? If a team drops three members in a row, I think America has voted. I'm currently reading a biography on Einstein, and all kidding aside, Einstein's theories on electromagnetic energy are clearer than the rules of "Dance War."

Like Alice, I'm suspending logic and simply moving on. This week was Latin week, and we all know what that means: Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony. Well, color us surprised, the first dance number was set to "Conga" by Miss Estefan and the third to "I Need to Know" by Marc Anthony. "I Need to Know" performed by Team Carrie Ann hinted at what this show could have been: interesting sets, unique vocal arrangements, and strong, charismatic individuals. However, like a groundhog popping out to see its shadow, the moment was fleeting.

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