Friday, March 28, 2008

Interview with Jenna from "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious"

Jason, ( So what made you try out for the show?

Jenna, (Girlicious): I was watching last season when I saw an ad talking about upcoming casting calls. I went online and decided to apply and ended up going to the auditions and making it on the show.

Jason, ( What did you think watching the episode the other night?

Jenna, (Girlicious): I was a little upset when they showed me in the kitchen cooking. They made me look like a fatty but really I was cooking for everyone, not just myself.

Jason, ( Did you end up making any friends while you were on the show?

Jenna, (Girlicious): I became good friends with everyone. In the beginning Charlye and I had some misunderstandings but Charlye and Carrie are probably two of the girls I stay in touch with the most now.

Jason, ( Did you learn a lot while you were on the show?

Jenna, (Girlicious): I received a lot of great advice. Just performing and learning how to dance in a pop group was great.

Jason, ( Do you think the judging was fair? Would you change anything?

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