Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DTWS: Elimination

Oh Dancing with the Stars. We're only on the second episode and you've already managed to tick me off. Not a good way to end your birthday.


As the show goes on, they will be revealing who is safe to dance one at a time causing some of the contestants to be nervous to the point of probably passing out. They better call Toni Braxton's name early...but who knows since they're calling names "in no particular order."

1. Lance Bass & Lacey
Dance/Song: Quickstep/"Head on the Door" by The Cure
Lacey makes unique analogies as she teaches ("Gingerbread Cookie," "Power Arms," "Prairie Dogs," etc.), which Lance digs because she's treating him like a kindergartner. It started a little rough but ended strong. He needs to work on his feet, they were a little off at times but overall it was performed well. They have great chemistry which will help them stick around for the long haul.
Judges: Len, once again doesn't like it. Bruno enjoys the fresh take on the dance and Carrie Ann was very entertained but not exactly impressed.
Score: 21 (7-6-8)

2. Misty May-Traenor & Maks
Dance/Song: Mambo/"Black Mambo" by Angel & The Mambo Cats
Misty predictably had issues with the hip movements during rehearsal but it came together during the performance. She did some solo work and had good stage presence. Her legs are great and she's got the raw building blocks but she's really got to work on her arms and shoulders and a little on her flexibility.
Judges: Positive feedback from all the judges with Len complementing her ability to work the crowd and Bruno telling her to work on her upper body.
Score: 21 (all 7's)

3. Maurice Greene & Cheryl
Dance/Song: Mambo/"I Do the Jerk" by Bill Pickney
Maurice is taking to the Mambo in rehearsal a lot better than the Foxtrot. I really like his exuberance. Like Misty, he'll have to work on his arms and shoulders but he's got the shimmy down pat. He really looked like he was leading. Oh! And he just did The Caterpillar! Word. Really good job, I can't believe it's only the second show. And I love Cheryl's outfit.
Judges: Bruno liked that it looked like he was at a party, Carrie Ann complimented him on his transitions, and Len, naturally, did not like The Caterpillar (aka The Worm). He kills me sometimes.
Score: 21 (all 7's)

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DWTS Week 1

The time has finally come for Dancing with the Stars season 7 to begin! Settle into your armchairs with your phones at the ready. All 13 celebrities and their professional partners will be hitting the dance floor for the first time, and we'll get to vote for our favorites.

Which team will exceed our expectations? Which will disappoint us? Will we see a clear frontrunner as we did last season? Will this season be the best one ever?

Only time will tell, and you can be sure that I'll be faithfully recording everything as it happens right here in my live thoughts.

Live! From Hollywood! This is Dancing with the Stars!

The stars make their way down the stairs to the stage and two things are immediately noticeable: Jeff Ross has on a sparkly eye patch, and Cloris Leachman looks like she has trouble walking down the stairs - that can't be good.

First up, it's the youngest celeb and the youngest pro: Cody Linley and Julianne Hough. They have cha cha first. I love Julianne's hair and elbow-length gloves, and I'm also really impressed with Cody's skills. I guess my concerns about him not being able to get into the flirty, romantic character were for naught because he looks to be one slick dude in their first dance. Len warns them not to get too frenetically, and Bruno pipes in and says that Cody has to keep his footwork clean. Carrie Ann is freaked out that Julianne and Cody's combined age is still less than her own. Woah. And their scores: they get straight 6s for a score of 18 out of 30.

Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff are next. Woah, in rehearsal this morning, Karina took a bad step and twisted her ankle. Looks really painful! Despite the injury, she will dance tonight. She's a trooper. They've got the foxtrot tonight. Karina is dancing perfectly - you can't tell that she twisted her ankle at all - but I'm not feeling Rocco. He does get better as the routine goes on, but it started out pretty rough. Bruno is not impressed, but Carrie Ann thinks it was "cute." Len thinks Rocco needs more finesse. Carrie Ann and Bruno give 5s and Len gives a 4, for a 14 out of 30.

Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo take the stage next. Toni explained to Alec about her heart condition at their first meeting. I really hope that she won't let her diagnosis hold her back. They dance the cha cha tonight, and I'm really impressed. Toni's turns are sharp and crisp, and her footwork is for the most part clean, and the two of them together are really sexy. Carrie Ann thought it was like a week 5 routine, it was so good. Len warns her about her leg position, and Bruno raves about her sexy slinkiness. They get 7s from Carrie Ann and Len, and an 8 from Bruno, for a 22 out of 30.

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SYTYCD Tour Spoilers

SYTYCDism has a complete tour set list up along with videos and other tour information!



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DWTS Cast Announced

The official lineup for Dancing With the Stars was announced on ABC's Good Morning America.

Kim Kardashian
Susan Lucci
Lance Bass
Brooke Burke
Cloris Leachman
Toni Braxton
Chef Rocco DiSpirito
Cody Linley
Jeffrey Ross
Ted McGinley
Warren Sapp
Misty May-Treanor
Maurice Greene

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Parenting 101 The Musical Extended in Philadelphia

PARENTING 101 The Musical


Tickets Available Now!

(Philadelphia – Sept.3, 2008) – The new musical parody, PARENTING 101 The Musical has been extended through November 30 due to popular demand.

After making its Philadelphia premiere and garnering rave reviews, PARENTING 101 will continue playing at the Kimmel Center’s Innovation Studio.The hilarious new production takes a loving and screamingly funny look at the joyous and crazy ride of raising kids all the way from videotaping their arrival at birth to letting them out of the nest to fly on their own..

“The skits are outragious and bold….Parenting 101 is fun for all,” said the Philadelphia City Paper. “The audience couldn’t get enough of the hilarity…Rush out and tell friends not to miss it!” advised The Evening Bulletin.

Part of the Cadillac Broadway Series, tickets at $47 are available by calling 215-731-3333, online at, or at the Kimmel Center box office, Broad St. & Spruce St., (open daily 10:00 am to 6:00 pm). Group discounts are available by calling 215-790-5883. Performances include: Wednesdays through Fridays at 8:00 pm; Saturdays at 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm; and Sundays at 3:00 pm.

A loving look at the trials and tribulations of raising children, PARENTING 101 was conceived by sisters Nancy Holson and and Susan Holson. Observing parenting skills and styles together since birth, both women have children and drew on their own experiences in creating PARENTING 101. In addition, Nancy Holson is the Emmy Award winning creator of The News In Revue and Bush Wars. PARENTING 101 is authored by Nancy Holson and Jay Falzone, with Book and Lyrics by Nancy Holson and Jay Falzone. The production was directed and choreographed by Jay Falzone.

The musical review includes a song for every milestone of PARENTING 101 from labor pains, through sleep deprivation, potty training, puberty, dating, teen troubles, college, marriage and finally, the kids getting married and giving birth to kids of their own.

Each song is a well-known pop or show tune with new comic lyrics that capture the moments that all parents (and grandparents) know and remember all of their lives.

The cast of four actor/singer/dancers play Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and kids at every stage of growing up, from toddler to new Mom & Dad. The three-member band includes keyboard, drums and guitar. For more information visit:

PARENTING 101 is produced by Philadelphia producers Howard Perloff and Martin Woldow, Peter Breger Productions, and Kimmel Center, Inc

The new 2008-2009 Cadillac Broadway Series, where theatrical presentations in Philadelphia will be presented at the Academy of Music and the Forrest Theatre, begins with the launch of its first production, The Wizard of Oz on Nov. 28 – 30, followed by Legally Blonde The Musical Dec. 2 – 7. The Series also includes: A Chorus Line (Dec. 16 – Jan. 4) at the Forrest Theatre; Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Jan. 9 – 11); Jesus Christ Superstar (Jan. 30 – Feb. 1); RENT (Feb. 3 – 8); Happy Days – A New Musical (Mar. 24 – 29); Riverdance (Mar. 31 – Apr. 5); Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (April 7 – 12); Movin’ Out (May 15 – 17); and Spring Awakening (June 23 – 28). Subscription packages are on sale now by calling 215-893-1955 or online at

All performances of the Cadillac Broadway Series are supported by Cadillac, CITI, Target, WPVI-TV 6, The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News. American Airlines is the Official Airline of the Cadillac Broadway Series.

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Legally Blonde the Musical In Philadelphia



Tickets On Sale September 5!

LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL will make its Philadelphia premiere at the Academy of Music beginning December 2 – 7.

Part of the Cadillac Broadway Series, tickets ranging in price from $25 to $100 are on sale beginning Friday, Sept. 5 at 10:00 am. Tickets can be purchased by calling 215-731-3333, online at, at the Kimmel Center box office, Broad and Spruce Streets (open daily 10 am to 6 pm) or at the Academy of Music box office, Broad & Locust Streets (open during performances only). Groups of 15 or more will receive discounts for select performances by calling 215-790-5883 or 866-276-2947. Performances include: Tuesday – Thursday evening at 7:30 pm; Friday & Saturday evening at 8:00 pm; Sunday evening at 6:30 pm; matinees Saturday at 2:00 pm and Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Sorority star Elle Woods doesn't take "no" for an answer. So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone more “serious,” Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

In its first year on Broadway, LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL earned seven 2007 Tony Award nominations, ten 2007 Drama Desk Award Nominations, a 2007 Outer Critics Circle Award and the chorus of the musical was honored by Actors’ Equity Association’s Advisory Committee on Chorus Affairs (ACCA) with the first ever ACCA Award. The musical also ranked in the top ten list of the most requested Ticketmaster “Arts & Theatre Events” for 2007.

Becky Gulsvig, the Elle understudy in the original Broadway cast, is Elle Woods in the tour. Fans of the MTV reality show “Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods”, which premiered on June 2, 2008, will recognize two familiar faces in the tour casting: Third runner-up Rhiannon Hansen plays Elle’s best friend Margot and fourth runner-up Lauren Zakrin is an ensemble member and understudies the role of Elle. The reality show represented the musical’s second venture with MTV. In the fall of 2007, MTV aired Legally Blonde The Musical in its entirety to stellar ratings and was subsequently nominated for two 2007-2008 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Original Broadway Cast Recording for “Legally Blonde The Musical,” was released on Ghostlight Records, an imprint of Sh-K-Boom Records, and captured the #1 slot on the Billboard Cast Album chart and charted at #86 on the Billboard Top 200. The album has continued its success, charting every week as one of the top-selling Broadway cast recordings and soared to the Top 10 albums (of any genre) on iTunes once the show premiered on MTV.

As on Broadway, Tony Award-winner Jerry Mitchell is the director and choreographer. Music and lyrics are by both Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, and the book is by Heather Hach. The production features scenic design by David Rockwell, costume design by Gregg Barnes, lighting design by Kenneth Posner and Paul Miller, orchestrations by Christopher Jahnke and sound design by ACME Sound Partners.

LEGALLY BLONDE is produced on Broadway by Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals and Dori Berinstein, in association with MGM Onstage, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.

The new 2008-2009 Cadillac Broadway Series, where theatrical presentations in Philadelphia will be presented at the Academy of Music and the Forrest Theatre, begins with the launch of its first production, The Wizard of Oz on Nov. 28 – 30, followed by Legally Blonde The Musical Dec. 2 – 7. The Series also includes: A Chorus Line (Dec. 16 – Jan. 4) at the Forrest Theatre; Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Jan. 9 – 11); Jesus Christ Superstar (Jan. 30 – Feb. 1); RENT (Feb. 3 – 8); Happy Days – A New Musical (Mar. 24 – 29); Riverdance (Mar. 31 – Apr. 5); Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (April 7 – 12); Movin’ Out (May 15 – 17); and Spring Awakening (June 23 – 28). Subscription packages are on sale now by calling 215-893-1955 or online at

All performances of the Cadillac Broadway Series are supported by Cadillac, CITI, Target, WPVI-TV 6, The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. American Airlines is the Official Airline of the Cadillac Broadway Series.
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She Loves You Opening in Philadelphia!



Producer Rick Belzer A Philly Native!

(Philadelphia – Sept. 3, 2008) SHE LOVES YOU!, a concert and multi-media experience recreating the music of The Beatles -- performed live by former Beatlemania band members -- will make its Philadelphia premiere in the intimately distinctive setting of the Society Hill Playhouse (507 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia) beginning September 24 for a limited 10-week engagement.

Tickets at $45 are on sale now and available by calling 215-923-0210, online at, or visiting the Society Hill Playhouse box office, 507 S. 8th Street (open Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 5:30 pm). Groups of 15 or more will receive discounts by calling 1-888-4-SHE-LOVES. Performances include: Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm; Friday & Saturday evenings at 8:00 pm; matinees on Saturdays & Sundays at 3:00 pm.

SHE LOVES YOU! will take audiences back to the sights and sounds of the era of love, revolution, and music of the 1960’s. The live musical performance by band members includes a repertoire of 30 of the Fab Four’s greatest hits, along with an audio and visual multi-media retrospective of America during the 60’s era showing classic television footage, vintage newsreels clips, retro commercials and bits from variety shows….a truly nostalgic retrospective that is sure to conjure up great memories. Audiences are encouraged to dress in their best ‘60’s attire for every performance!
- more-

Page 2……………

She Loves You! Producer Rick Belzer, born in Philadelphia and raised in the Bucks County area, is a former Broadway lighting designer who worked on Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice including ‘Cats,’ ‘Evita,’ ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Starlight Express.’ Belzer was the executive producer and artistic director of the Candlewood Playhouse in Fairfield, CT for 10 years, producing over 80 full-scale musicals.

Band members include former Beatlemania cast members David Leon (John) and Alan LeBoeuf (Paul), along with John Brosnan (George) and Carmine Grippo (Ringo).

Alan LeBoeuf as "Paul " (Bass Guitar and Vocals)
From Warren, NJ, Alan attended Rutgers University before pursuing a career in entertainment. Alan's 1st major break was landing the role of 'Paul McCartney' in Broadway's 'Beatlemania'. After 2 years on Broadway, Alan moved to Nashville to form 'Baillie and The Boys,' that signed with RCA and had 7 straight top ten hits on the country charts. After 2 successful albums, Alan left the band to tour with 'Legends in Concert' and 'Beatlemania'. Alan also performed at EPCOT, Walt Disney World with 'The British Invasion' for 4 years.

David Leon as "John" (Guitar and Vocals)
After graduating UCLA with a degree in film production, David starred in the Broadway and motion picture production of "Beatlemania", also playing his home town of Los Angeles at the Pantages and Shubert Theater. His band "Helmet Boy" recorded an album for Electra Records. He has also performed with such well known artists as: The Rembrandts, Rick Springfield, Mitch Ryder, Badfinger, Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits, The Box Tops and Tiny Tim. David writes screenplays and has optioned two that are in production.

John Brosnan as "George" (Lead guitar and Vocals)
John is a songwriter & musician and lives in London. He grew up in Melbourne & studied classical piano & theory at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. He was a member of 'Niki Phillips & The Corporation' who had the Top 10 hit 'Something About You'. He moved to London in 1992 and worked with Alex Smith (Moving Pictures) Malcolm Foster (Pretenders, Simple Minds) & Andy Thomson (Elton John, Meatloaf, Dire Straits) signed to Polygram. He lived in America from 1995 to 1997 where his band, signed to Sony in New York and scored a Billboard Top 100 hit 'Something is Wrong'.

Carmine Grippo as "Ringo" (Drums)
Born in New Haven, CT and now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Actor/Musician Carmine Grippo has appeared on television and in motion pictures such as the "Tom Arnold Show", "Evening Shade", "Wayne’s World II", and "The Last Man Standing". In mid-1994 he joined "The Moptops" and has since appeared on numerous television programs such as NBC's "Dark Skies" as Ringo Starr. Television credits include the Evening Shade, Cheers, Tom Arnold Show, Dark Skies, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Tonight Show. Film credits include the Waynes World 2, Last Man Standing, and Independence Day

For additional information visit:

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America's Best Dance Crew Renewed For Season 3

MTV's interactive reality television hit, "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" has been renewed for a third season and is scheduled to premiere this winter. Auditions for the upcoming season of America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) are slated to begin in mid-October.

"We will be holding pre-auditions in D.C. later in September. One of our casting directors will be in D.C. and will pre-screen crews to see if they have what it takes to attend the official audition," said Anastasia Lee, director of communications at MTV.

The official auditions will take place in Atlanta, Los Angeles, St. Louis and New York City in mid-October.

To audition for America's Best Dance Crew, applicants must be 18 years of age and over and be a part of a crew of 5-7 individuals. According to Lee, the audition process, as well as the live audition, will remain the same for season three of ABDC.

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